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Back Office Model

We deliver Automation, Engineering & IT solutions to our clients around the world following the successful Back Office model.

The advantages of partnering with M8 Automation are

  • Communication : We thrive on communication and use many different ways to keep in contact –face to face, by email, phone, texting, conference calls and video chats. You can expect all of these communication channels to be open and easily inter-mingled. We have devised a streamlined solution providing the project manager with the information and tools to effectively communicate with the client about their project.
  • Quality & Delivery : Quality is the highest level of care that we strive to be provided to our clients. Our management team continuously in the process of improvement by creating and supporting an environment in which people are committed to serving and meeting the needs of clients. We pride ourselves on conformance to standards that meet or exceed clients expectations. While each team member being the best individual they can be..
  • Training : The staff is always trained to keep update about the latest changes in various domains.
  • Confidentiality : We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement & assure complete confidentiality with respect to all transactions.
  • Flexibility : During peak load & non availability of the expertise in various domains, outsourcing is the best option.
  • Focus on Core Areas : Client can focus on core competencies while outsourcing the non core activities like drafting, documentation.
  • Long Term Relationship : As we go along with the project, both organizations gets familiar with each other's style from all aspects. As we develop the relationship, this helps in reducing implementation time & hence the costs.
  • Cost Benefits : Last but not the least, we offer these services to at most competitive rates, as compared to prevailing rates in North America & Europe. We charge based on man hour or lumpsum based on mutual agreement. Payment can be done by monthly or based on milestone by wire transfer or check.